Thomas R Plamann


Learn about me and what I love to do.




At this stage in my life, I am devoting my time to serve My Lord with the talents he has blessed me with.


About me


I have been involved in design and making things all my life. I love the creative process and anything tech.

Skill set


I am versed in many different aspects pertaining to design software.



My main client base as of now is Christian Churches

My History

I graduated from Fox Valley Lutheran High School and began working for my Father building homes. It's here that I began to aquire skills with my hands and learning how to think things through.
Followed an urge to drive cross country truck. I went to truck school and received my license to drivr big rigs. Somthing I always wanted to do so I did it. I did this for a year and got it out of my system. But i'm glad I did it.
With truck driving behind me, I set out and started my own home building company. We moved to Wausau and then ran into an awefull time with housing starts. We were poor byt still one of our fondest times in our marrage.
Came back to Appleton and went to work for KC Aviation building interiors for corporate jets. It was here I believed I learned how to be precise and picky in my work.
Left Gulfstream (bought out KC) nd joined my Dad and Brother Steve build a company doing custom woodwork.
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